Friday, February 11, 2011

Diaper Bag Alternatives

I have several friends who have just recently had babies or are expecting.  And one question that I'm asked allot at my 31 shows, is whether or not we have a diaper bag.  All of 31's bags are so versatile that we don't have just one bag we call a Diaper Bag.  There are several options available that would work great AND look so cute!  And all can be personalized with a name or monogram.

Get creative and choose what would work best for you.  I was the diaper bag queen when I had babies!  I was always on the search for that PERFECT diaper bag and I don't know that I ever found it.  If only I had known about thirty-one gifts back then!  I wanted something classic yet functional, stylish and pretty but not cute.  Here are some of our bags that make GREAT diaper bags!

The Retro Metro Bag - this is for the hip Mom on the go!  Has 2 outside pockets that work great for sippy cups or bottles.  And when you aren't using this bag as a diaper bag, you've got a very stylish purse!
 The Cindy Tote - this is for the new Mom's who carry everything.  This bag is roomy enough for all your baby essentials plus a change of clothes, blanket, snacks and some personal items for you!  After babies, this is the perfect overnight bag!
 The Medium Purse - the pictures or the catalogs do not do this bag justice.  It is much larger than it appears and this is probably the PERFECT diaper bag.  It has pockets on the outside, pockets on the inside and so roomy but not yet as large as the Cindy Tote.  Throw it over your shoulder and you are ready to go.  After babies, carry this bag as a stylish purse or even a laptop case!
The Organizing Utility Tote - this is one of the most functional bags with pockets everywhere!  You can always have everything handy with this bag.  After babies you can pretty much use it for whatever you want.
And don't forget one of our thermal coolers to keep those bottles of milk and formula cold.  This is the regular size thermal tote shown with the Organizing Utility Tote.
Have a 2 story house and don't always want to go upstairs to change diapers?  Keep a stash of diapers, wipes, and necessities close at hand in one of our All-in-One Organizers.

Let me know if I can help you with any of your baby shopping needs!


  1. The top one is super cute. I am now offical DONE with diaper bags though! I couldn't be happier!!!!

  2. These are amazing super amazing ideas!!